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Over the past few months, work has been taking place to create a new temporary Booking Office here at Ruddington Fields to give a focal point for the operation of our services from Ruddington Fields to Loughborough. Although open unnoficially since February, the final touches to the inside have now been completed........ 1
2 The new office will eventually make way for a station building including booking facilities, tea room, waiting room & gift shop but in the meantime, we are now able to offer an assortment of Hot & Cold Drinks and Ice Creams along with your tickets as well as displays featuring the site from it's MOD days up to present day and beyond along with a live video including footage taken from the air.
Why not take one on our services whilst we currently have no on train buffet on the MK1 set or simply enjoy the sun with a refreshing drink or ice cream on our platform concourse while watching the trains arrive and depart. 3

Our new range includes Teas, Coffees, Soups (I'm told the Tomato is very nice although I'm yet to sample it!) and more along with a selection of cold drinks and Walls ice creams.....

EDIT: I still can't comment on the soup but the Hot Chocolate is very nice indeed!! (Phil)


Published: 20 September 2019 15:39

Author: Phil Stanway