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Further Statement by the NHR Board of Directors in response to the EMRT release dated 30th July 2021.

The Board naturally agrees to meet the EMRT as soon as practical, given holiday schedules.

The Board notes that in order for the talks to be more than a PR exercise, and take place in good faith without hidden agendas, it seeks public clarification from the EMRT ahead of the talks on the following:

1) Is the Forward Fund a 'Trojan Horse' to facilitate the closure of the Mountsorrel quarry sidings and their sale for development, with stone traffic then re-reouted via the current GCR South onto a confiscated NHR?

2) Does the EMRT have plans to allow a third-party developer to take control of all or part of the Ruddington site and build a complex that will include a hotel or similar facilities and conference centre? Has the EMRT already held such talks or hosted such a visit?

The Board looks forward to EMRT's public response to these issues and we can then proceed quickly to talks.


Published: 01 August 2021 06:00

Author: Phil Stanway