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We are pleased to welcome an exciting new resident here at Ruddington in the form of HST Power Car - 43159 courtesy of 125 Group. Just in time for this weekends events.

IMG_20210715_200917 IMG_20210715_200953

Class 43 Powercar 43159 is joint holder of the world diesel train speed record of 148 mph achieved on 1 November 1987 with 43102, now in the National Railway Museum. It served with Great Western until April 2019 and has kindly been donated by Porterbrook to 125 Group.

218244330_1148434455692093_4288226360297168096_n IMG_20210715_200848

The 125 Group is based at Ruddington and 43159 is the first of two HST power cars being brought to Ruddington with new stable mate 43044 currently scheduled to arrive later in July. The second Powercar, 43044 is in superb external condition and will be re-engined with an original Paxman Valenta engine. The 125 Group plans to build a depot and base an HST set at the Centre for mainline and heritage rail operation.


 All images are courtesy of John Akinin & Jim Hill and © GCRN LTD.



Published: 28 January 2022 11:03

Author: Phil Stanway