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Updated Jan 2015


RSH 7761 No.63 "Corby"

After minor issues and mechanical repairs to the piston rod glands "Corby" remains fully serviceable for Steam Driver Experience Days and as backup for our visiting 8F


RSH 7667 No56.

Out of service till further notice.


S160 1631

Work has progressed steadily on strip down cleaning and painting.  Weather permitting, work on the chassis has progressed and the brake gear all bar the weighshaft has now been dismantled. It is amply evident that the locomotive was fresh out of overhaul when stopped, as dismantled parts show little or no wear to brake pull rod linkages and hangers and spring compensating equipment. Part have been cleaned of rust and when work cannot proceed outside painting and preparation for storage then re assembly has been proceeding. The driving axle boxes have been freed in the horn guides with the aid of a 6 tonne Enerpack and work is now progressing on removing the hornguides from the leading and intermediate leading wheelsets to free them also.


Hudswell Clarke No 1682

Work on axle bearings and journals is proceeding ready or re wheeling and the frame is being jacked up to enable the trailing wheelset to be refitted.