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Steam on the GCRN


GCRN has a flourishing group of individuals dedicated to maintaining and operating our collection of steam locomotives, and we always welcome new volunteers to come join us. Our group members include both old and young, with our more senior members having worked steam locomotives on the national network, while our younger members represent the future skills and dedication that will ensure that we continue to operate steam locomotives at GCRN for many years to come. We also have individuals who are qualified engineers, as well as others with no specific skills, but a willingness to learn and develop.


At GCRN the engineering and operational functions are covered by the same team (though some members do specialise), which provides us with a broad and deep set of skills to ensure that locomotives are both well maintained and properly operated. Engineering skills are learned by example and mentoring, while operational skills are obtained by a mixture of mentoring and formalised training.


At-present the core of the GCRN operational steam fleet is represented by 0-6-0 Austerity No. 68067" courtesy of Mr Roger Hibbert.


We also have locomotives under repair and restoration, notably "Manning Wardle" 0-6-0 Saddle Tank "Dolobran"


However, small industrial tank engines are not the only steam locomotives on-site. We also have an Alco-built (American Locomotive Co) "S160" class locomotive awaiting it's turn for restoration. These locomotives were brought to the UK to support the War effort when the volume of traffic outstripped the available motive power.


Locomotives Owner Status
0-6-0 Austerity 68067  Privately Owned Serviceable
Stanier 8F - 8274 Privately Owned Stored
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Works No. 7761 - No. 63 "Corby" Privately Owned Stored
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Works No. 7667 - No. 56 Privately Owned Stored


Manning Wardle No 1762 0-6-0ST "Dolobran"


Privately Owned Heavy general overhaul 
American Loco Co No 70284 of 1942 2-8-0 Class S160 Privately Owned Heavy general overhaul

Manning Wardle No 2009 0-6-0 "Rhyl"

Privately Owned Heavy general overhaul
Manning Wardle No 2015 0-6-0ST "Arthur" Privately owned Stored
Hudswell Clarke No 1682 0-6-0ST "Julia" Privately Owned Heavy general overhaul


The maintenance and servicing facilities at GCRN are excellent, with a heavy overhaul building (complete with pits to facilitate maintenance and servicing of running gear, overhead cranes, as well as power, air and water services), in addition to a "running shed" to securely house serviceable locomotives. Coupled with a 10-mile railway on which to operate, as well as connection to the National rail network (facilitating visits to other heritage railways and events).


We are actively seeking additional steam locomotives (and supporting owning/operating groups to join our fleet (whether serviceable or under restoration)).


How we work

Our activities are centred at the facilities at Ruddington, which is both our maintenance and operating base. When not in service, locomotives are maintained and restored entirely by volunteers.


Most services at GCRN are steam-hauled, so we also manage the rostering and allocation of members to drive and fire our steam-hauled services, ensuring that trainees get the experience required to gain the proficiency required to become qualified. Both the engineering and traincrew functions are driven by the requirements to provide serviceable locomotives and crews to operate the published timetable.


 For the latest news with the Steam Loco Group and our locos, check-out the GCRN Steam Loco Group on Facebook