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For the photographer, the line in intersected in a number of places between Ruddington and Rushcliffe. The generally undulating landscape offers spectacular views of the line across the countryside. Ruddington itself is surrounded by a country park, and the station throat is crossed by a large modern footbridge. A footpath and road lead from the Crossing at Ruddington to a large GCR style three-arch overbridge approx .25/mile from 50 Steps Bridge. A Farm overbridge is to be found in the middle of Gotham Moor, and another small overbridge affording good views just to the north of the site of Gotham Sidings (accessible from Gotham village). Rushcliffe is in a deep cutting with views from the adjacent overbridge.


After leaving Rushcliffe Halt south, the line enters the large and spectacular East Leake Cutting, beginning it's climb to the summit tunnel at Barnstone. The line is crossed by a road linking East Leake Village with the A6006. The 6006 itself crosses over the railway at Barnstone Tunnel - the line not being visible at this point though the north portal is just visible from the above roadbridge, and the south portal has a fine vista when the trees are cut back.


The line is next crossed by the roadbridge for the Stanford-Normanton road, offering good views of the downgrade to Loughborough along a sweeping curve. The cutting is deep here, so good light conditions are required. The main problem is for parking - the road is a local "rat run" and traffic is fast. There have been cases of vehicles parked nearby having been broken into so make sure no valuables are left visible.


Finally, the line offers the classic views, often seen, of the large blue-brick viaduct over the Soar at Loughborough Meadow - on the Loughborough - Stanford road, and finally the views of trains on the embankment at the back of Brush Works.


PLEASE NOTE: These locations are merely listed for information. This is not any recommendation or indication of suitability. No responsibility is accepted for accuracy or otherwise of the information below. Trespass on the railway is not permitted.